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Dr. Nadeem Akhtar

HR Professional

Positioning HR as a Business Partner for Excellence

Strategic and innovative HR Executive who translates business vision into HR initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. Empowering leader who supports companies and top executives with a unique perspective and appreciation that human capital is every organization’s greatest asset. Genuine influencer who thrives on tough challenges and translates visions and strategies into actionable, value-added goals.

I have produced training sessions on motivation, leadership in the 21st century, resume writing skills, and interview tips for diverse audiences.

My skills


Management Trainer

SEISENSE, eLearning

More education means better service to the society. After several years of experience and earning a highest degree in education, it is a time to pay back to the society by sharing the knowledge and experience to individual, groups or organizations. Seisense platform offers insights to discover the new and improved way of doing the old job for the first time. The whole bunch of services to help you grow big and bigger.

  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Career Coaching
  • Process future leadership
  • Team building
  • Providing research environment
  • My belief " Unrestricted access to the knowledge is a road to sustainable development." drove me to offer training courses. The concept took the shape of in 2018 where numerous courses are offered for free.
  • Arranged and deliver trainings to the future leaders. Offered workshops on workforce analytics
  • Research is integral component and one measure to see how well are progressing. I realized researchers need well affordable quality outlet to publish their research from all over the world in general and Pakistan in particular. Considering, there is no Pakistani journal in any ISI-JCR (Most reputed journals indexed) list, I started an academic research journal with the aim to offer quality outlet for their publications. First volume is completed successfully in 2018

Business Management Unit Head

Royal Commission at Yanbu, KSA

Being the unit head of Business Management, I am doing performance appraisals with my colleagues to improve their performance by reflecting on past performance and encouraging the desired future behaviors.

  • Leadership and Management
  • Responsibility for teaching and students
  • knowledge tranfer
  • Quality Assurance
  • HR program received equivalence from SHRM. The process helped to streamline our HR program at international level.
  • Business programs got the accreditation from ACBSP
  • Drove transition from outdated lecture based HR courses methodology into a more integrated HRIS platform. This instantly improved student’s analysis, reporting, and planning capabilities while streamlining daily HR functions.

Selected Research Publications

Assessing Canadian Business IT Capabilities for Online Selling Adoption: A Net-Enabled Business Innovation Cycle (NEBIC) Perspective dateJan 2019 publication Sustainability
Impact Of HRM Practices On Perceived Organizational Performance publication dateSep 2014 publication descriptionInternational journal of academic research
Personal Ethics And Organizational Citizenship Behavior Among Doctors In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia publication dateJul 2014 publication descriptionInternational journal of academic research
The Influence of Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment of Healthcare Employees publication date Jun 2014 publication descriptionInternational Journal of Human Resource Studies
Strategic Role of Internet In SMEs Growth Strategies publication date May 2014
Role of Stress and Burnout among Nurses in the Private Hospitals publication date Mar 2014 publication description International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences


  • 2009Doctorate in Social and Economic Sciences

    The lack of access to financial services is not the only barrier to growth. Lack of access to markets, poor infrastructure, lack of information and inefficient marketing system all hold back the poor rural communities from coming out of the vicious cycle of poverty. There is a need to construct a new development tier to address the non-financial constraints of the rural economy. The proposed model of provision of financial and non-financial services provided by an efficient delivery system would create an environment to achieve UN Millennium Development Goals of poverty alleviation.
  • 2001Master of Business Administration

    Acquired new skills and sharpen existing skill set in business management. Critical analysis of current business practices and proposing the efficient management system has always been my area of interest. During my Masters in Busines administration, I designed an Inventory management system of a multinational regional distribution centre.
  • 1998Bachelor of Commerce

    In undergraduate degree in commerce, I leaned wide range of managerial skills.